Email Marketing- How to improve your performance in email marketing

1) Email Marketing meaning:

Basically, Email Marketing is nothing but sending Emails to persons with people’s permission.

This is nothing but sending commercial messages to a group of people individuals who are potential customers or already a customer.

2) Why Email Marketing is important ?

Let us understand that why Email marketing is important. A person can change his physical address but he does not change his Email Id. Everyone used to keep the same Email id for several years or life long. A social media may change its operation or restrict some of the activities but Email is a personalized thing and it connects directly a person or agency with another person or customer. Hence Email marketing is a very important and crucial tool in the space of Digital Marketing. When a person checks his email, he used to have a work-oriented mindset.

3) Who should do Email marketing ?

Any person who is in the digital marketing space can do Email marketing. A Businessman, Freelancer, or Entrepreneur can do Email marketing to acquire more and more customers and grow in the business. Learn whether marking will rule the world.

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4) Mistakes to avoided in Email marketing

Following mistakes to be avoided. Firstly do not buy any Email list. If you buy an Email list and send it to the person, mostly it will go to the secondary folder( Junk folder) and it will never be opened. If you do it on a continuous basis, your IP reputation will be reduced. Secondly, do not try to sell all the time. Give value, value, value, …….and then sell.

5) How to build Emailing list ? What is Lead Magnet?

Now the question is how to build emailing list. Advertising should be done highlighting Lead Magnet so that the person who clicks on the social media will be willing to give his/ her Email and contact number. What is Lead Magnet? It is nothing but a free giveaway to get an email id and/ or contact number. This free give away in the form of EBOOK, Videos, case studies, free Webinars, case study video consultation, and a series of videos. With the help of Lead Magnet Emailing list can be built up. This will help us to send several Emails to potential customers and sell them the desired product or services.

6) What is single Opt in and what is double Opt in ?

Let us understand that what we call singe Opt-in. When a person gives his email id and immediately he gets his free give away or Lead Magnet in his mail then it is called single opt-in. If a person gives his Email id but in the Email id, a link is sent instead of Lead Magnet, then it is called Double Opt-in. This link will take the person to his website or other desired location according to the marketing strategy.

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7) Email marketing strategy to ensure that people open your email:

There are several strategies so that people will open your Email. Firstly tell people to inbox your email. Secondly, the subject line should be such that people will open it subject line should be like Winner will take action, Successful people does this, etc. Thirdly, subject line with commands such as Do it now, Take action today, etc. Fourthly, the subject line with RE: will create curiosity, and eventually, the person will open the email.

Fifthly, subject lines such as Delete will also create curiosity among people and they will be forced to open Emails.

Sixthly, strong words such as Creativity, Passion, Dedication, etc in the subject will also enable people to open the Email. Seventhly, some catchy phrases such as Facts – 5% people does this or you would not believe this – will create immense curiosity among people and they eventually open the email.

8) How to increase your IP reputation?

Following things will increase your IP Reputation. Firstly, your email open rate is important to factor in. which means how many emails you have sent and how many is opened. Secondly, CTR is another important factor. CTR means click-through rate. If you send an email with a link for downloading your Lead Magnet, then how many people open this link is another factor to increase IP reputation. Replies of your Email is another important factor as more replies to Email will increase the IP reputation of your Email.

9) How to avoid of decreasing your IP reputation?

Never send emails showing some sales pitch or write any word like a free gift, easy way to earn money, earn money without any work, earn money online with only two hours work in a day, etc. This will reduce IP reputation and eventually all emails will go to the junk folder.

10) Email marketing Softwares for sending bulk emails

There are a few software that sends emails automatically once it is set. This is an Autopilot mod of sending email to your email list sequence of emails with time is set in the system. The names of the software are AWeber, Mailchimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, etc. You can create a landing page on this email service provider software and use it as per your business requirement.

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